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This time Teddy visits an animal market at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It’s sad to see all those animals in the cages. Luckily, Teddy is a free spirited bear!  

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It’s supermarket time

Once in a while, Teddy have to go to the supermarket too! Teddy’s favorite isle is the snack isle. Some goodie goodie won’t hurt! This was a supermarket in Patong Beach, Thailand.

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Got lost

Teddy went out to explore and he best part of it was getting lost!

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Vote vote vote!

Take Teddy Bear around the world by voting for my post! 🙂 Please click the badge bellow and vote for me and Teddy! Thank you 🙂

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Itsy bitsy spider…

The Itsy Bitsy Spider crawled up the water spout. Down came the rain, and washed the spider out. Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain, And the … Continue reading

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Beach city at night

The city Nha Trang, Vietnam lights up at night. It’s a beautiful place to be… The beach, the seafood, some wine, and the sound of music were a great mix … Continue reading

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Angkor Wat it is!

Teddy wants to have a taste of history, so Angkor Wat it is! A very spectacular temple, and just being there, makes you wonder what is life back than…

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Cactus Friends

Teddy found two cute adorable little cactus friends at Chang-i Airport Singapore. Their eyes just says a lot… so cute!

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Got milk?

Got milk? Teddy loves it so much! This is we Teddy and me went to a milk factory at Bandungan, Central Java< Indonesia.

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